A 5-Part Guide On CBD Oil And Back Pain

 cbd for back pain
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Using CBD For Back Pain

Only individuals who suffer from chronic back pain can fully understand chronic back pain. Those who do not suffer from this condition can only sympathize. Different treatments are available for treating chronic back pain, but all of them can just help so much.

You need to realize that a majority of medications for treating severe pain may damage your internal organs. Usually, the majority of severe chronic back pain cases end up having surgery treatment after physiotherapy and neuropathy have failed. In this article, we will discuss how CBD and back pain are something to be familiar with.

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1Back Pain Causes

Numerous potential factors can cause back pain, including disease and trauma. Many individuals develop back pain from work, and back pain is actually the second most common cause for individuals missing work. Although you might expect back injuries to be the result of physically demanding jobs, many complaints, in fact, come from individuals who have to sit all day long, including truck drivers and office workers.

Back pain is also a big business. Every year Americans suffering from back pain end up spending more than $50 million on back pain treatment. Unfortunately, those treatments frequently fail, which leaves back pain sufferers discouraged and frustrated. Short-term relief might be provided by over-the-counter pain medications, but it wears off fairly quickly and doesn't treat what is causing the pain. At first, prescription medication might be more effective, but it may cause some fairly serious side effects in addition to debilitating addiction in some cases.

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2Back Pain Medications

NSAIDs, which are a type of anti-inflammatory drug, are the most commonly used type of medication for back pain. They include drugs like Voltaren, Ibuprofen, and even Valium, which are prescribed due to being a great muscle relaxant. Whenever someone is diagnosed with a type of inflammation-related condition such as bursitis or back pain, usually Ibuprofen is part of their medical prescription. NSAIDs are considered to be among the most effective treatments for inflammatory illnesses as well other nerve pain or muscle pain.

However, NSAIDs also have some of their own uncomfortable side effects and adverse reactions that your doctor might not tell you about, except that you should use it according to the directions in the prescription. The thing that they don't tell you is if you take a too high of a dose, it will probably end up causing gastrointestinal disorders like constipation, cramps, and stomach ulcers. Until recently, your option was to use dangerous pain medications to experience back pain relief. Usually, corticosteroids were part of the regimen, these terrible drugs help with suppressing your immune system to provide pain relief.

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3A Natural Solution That Is Very Powerful

Cannabidiol (CBD) provides an alternative for individuals who are suffering from back pain. CBD is a type of non-psychoactive cannabinoid that frequently comes from hemp plants. CBD is used for treating numerous mental and physical disorders, from seizures to anxiety, but it is particularly promising as a type of back pain treatment.

Mainly, CBD is used as an analgesic by back pain sufferers. This treats the actual pain, without all of the harmful dependency and side effects that conventional pain medications are associated with. A study that was conducted in 2008 looked at using cannabinoids for managing pain and found they were effective at treating severe, chronic pain that many different conditions cause. Cannabinoid-based treatments, as opposed to traditional opioid painkillers, did not cause negative symptoms such as withdrawal effects. Researchers concluded that cannabinoid therapeutics have a very bright future ahead of them.

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4CBD For Back Pain Studies

A link was found in March 2015 between cannabinoids and the effect they have on chronic back pain as well as related conditions. Following the study that resulted in this being discovered, patients who suffer from IVD-related conditions might be in luck. The cannabis compound CBD (Cannabidiol) is very well known for being completely non-psychoactive. Also, it is very well-suited to the body and adapts quite well to the environment of some of the body's receptors.

CBD is now starting to prove itself within numerous medical studies. Its versatility has been on display in treatment and therapy for many different conditions and diseases. A new medical condition that has been recently added to the ever-increasing list that may be treated with Cannabidiol is intervertebral disc degeneration, which places chronic pain on the increasingly expanded list of ailments that CBD is bringing new hope to.

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5Other CBD Benefits

Back pain is among the most persistent and prevalent physical problems that adults are faced with currently. At any point in time, there are 31 million Americans who suffer from back pain, with as many as 80% experiencing it at some point in their lifetime. Even worse, 20% of people who suffer from back pain end up developing chronic back pain, which is defined as pain that lasts for three months or even longer. On a worldwide basis, back pain has been reported to be the most common type of physical disability among adults.

CBD not only fight pain but also has proven anti-inflammatory properties, meaning it might treat the actual source of pain. For numerous patients, an acute injury does not cause their back pain, but the inflammation that happens afterward. Evidence, which includes an extensive study done in 2009, suggests that cannabidiol might effectively treat inflammation as well as the pain that it causes.

For the millions of individuals suffering from back pain, relief cannot come too soon. A majority have already tried visiting the chiropractor, physical therapy, or used medication. However, less than 60% state that any of those treatments have actually worked for them. A new healing path is offered by CBD and a potential solution for this widespread disability. CBD and back pain: get used to hearing about them together!

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  •  what does cbd do to you
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  • cbd oil studies
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  •  cbd for back pain